Postdoctoral Position- Genome Instability - UC San Diego School of Medicine 
The Kolodner lab is recruiting postdoctoral fellows to conduct basic and preclinical research projects on: (a)DNA mismatch repair mechanisms; (b) Genetic pathways that suppress genome rearrangements; and (c) FEN1 nuclease-targeted cancer therapy. These projects apply the experimental approaches of CRISPR-library screening, gene-editing, whole genome sequencing, single-cell genome and RNA sequencing, high throughput yeast genetics, protein biochemistry, and mouse tumor models to investigate the causes of genome instability. Furthermore, these projects identify and target the vulnerabilities in genome-unstable cancers to advance precision cancer therapy. Successful candidates will be expected to develop and work on independent research projects in one of the lab's areas of interest. The postdoctoral positions are funded by NIH grants, although we encourage postdoctoral fellows to submit applications for postdoctoral fellowships once they join the lab.  To apply for these postdoctoral positions, please send a cover letter describing prior research experiences and scientific and professional interests, along with a CurriculumVitae including publications and the names and current contact information of 3 references to Richard Kolodner at