Our Team
A Collaborative and Diverse Group of Scientists
Richard Kolodner, PhD
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research San Diego Branch
Distinguished Professor, Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, UC San Diego School of Medicine
Chris Putnam, PhD
Associate Investigator, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research San Diego Branch Adjunct Associate Professor, Division of Hematology and Oncology, UC San Diego School of Medicine
Dr. Bin-zhong Li, postdoctoral fellow
Dr. Anjana Srivatsan, postdoctoral fellow
Dr. Felipe Calil, postdoctoral fellow
Kendall Torres, research associate


Alani, Eric.  Professor, Cornell University
Bertrand, Pascale.  Research Group Leader, CEA, France
Bishop, Douglas.  Professor, University of Chicago Medical School
Chen, Clark.  Professor and Department Chair, University of Minnesota Medical School
Chi, Nai-Wen.  Associate Professor, UC San Diego School of Medicine
Dowen, Jill H.  Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Medical School, Chapel Hill
Enserink, Jorrit.  Assistant Professor, University of Oslo, Norway
Evans, David H.  Vice-Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, Canada
Fishel, Richard A.  Professor, Ohio State University Medical Center
Flores-Rozas, Hernan.  Associate Professor, Florida A & M University
Goellner, Eva.  Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky Medical School
Heyer, Wolf-Dietrich.  Professor and Department Chair, UC Davis
Hoffman, Hal.  Professor and Division Chief, Department of Pediatrics, UC San Diego School of Medicine
Hombauer, Hans.  Junior Group Leader, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg
Huang, Meng-Er.  Charge de Recherche, Institute Cure, Orsay, France
James, Anthony A.  Professor, UC Irvine
Johnson, Arlen W.  Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Lovett, Susan T.  Professor, Rosenstiel Center, Brandeis University
Luisi-Deluca, Cynthia A.  Retired from the faculty of the University of Pittsburg
Mendillo, Marc L.  Assistant Professor, Northwestern University Medical School
Myung, Kyungjae.  Director, Center for Genome Integrity, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Ulsan, Korea
Nakagawa, Takuro.  Associate Professor, University of Osaka, Japan
Ni, Tiehua.  Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University
Noirot, Philippe.  Director, Biosciences Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Pennaneach, Vincent.  Group Leader, CEA, Fontenay-aux-roses, France
Putnam, Christopher.  Associate Investigator, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Associate Professor, UC San Diego School of Medicine
Reenan, Robert.  Professor, Brown University
Sasaki, Nobuya.  Associate Professor, Hokkaido University, Japan
Schmidt, Kristina.  Associate Professor, University of Florida
Shell, Scarlet S.  Assistant Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Shimodaira, Hideki.  Associate Professor, Tohoku University School of Medicine, Japan
Sivagnanam, Mamata.  Assistant Professor, UC San Diego School of Medicine
Symington, Lorraine S.  Professor, Columbia Medical School
Umezu, Keiko.  Professor and Department Chair, Fukuoka Dental College, Japan
Chan, Jason.  Instructor, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Allen, Stephanie. CEO & Founder, Canvas Health, San Diego
Amin, Neelam S.  Biotechnology Consultant
Bell, Sara.  Consulting Associate, Charles River Associates
DasGupta, Ruchira.  Associate Director, Molecular Discovery Technologies, Bristol-Myers Squib
Datta, Abhiit.  Vice President, Diazyme Laboratories, Inc.
Gazzoli, Isabella.  Senior Scientist, Charles River Laboratories, Netherlands
Griffin, Thomas J.  Senior Director of Program Management, Matrivax Research & Development Corp.
Hargreaves, Victoria.  Research Scientist, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Lau, Patrick.  Senior Scientist, Illumina, Inc.
Marsischky, Gerald T.  Biotechnology Consultant
Mazur, Daniel J.  Director, Molecular Biology, ThermoFisher, Inc.
Shoemaker, Alexander.  Senior Director, Oncology Discovery, AbbVie, Inc.
Tishkoff, Daniel X.  Lead Scientist, Emergent BioSolutions


Orelli, Brian.  Biotech Analyst, The Motley Fool
Graham, William J.  Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch
Hall, Sharynn.  Physician, Lowell General Hospital Cancer Center
Hess, Martin.  Investor
Ishii, Yuki.  Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, University College London
Jaehnig, Eric.  Research Associate, Baylor College of Medicine
Joseph, Jackiel W.  No information available
Kats, Ellen S.  Assistant Director of Licensing, Innovation Ventures, UC San Francisco School of Medicine
Muster-Nassal, Claudia.  No information available
Nene, Rahul.  Resident, UC San Diego School of Medicine
Norris, David N.  President, Ecosse Medical Communications LLC
Smith, Catherine.  Licensing Associate, Office of Technology Management, UC San Francisco School of Medicine
Winand, Nena J.  Senior Research Associate, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University

Significant Awards Received by Alumni

Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (5), Elected Fellow, American Academy of Microbiology (4), Elected Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (3), Elected Member, National Academy of Sciences USA (2).